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The Language of Liberty: A Citizen's Vocabulary

by Edwin C. Hagenstein
Release date, Oct. 6
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I'm an independent writer and editor with decades of experience in educational publishing. My latest book, The Language of Liberty, is very much in line with my educational interests. It is a lexicon of 101 political terms designed to build understanding of our system of government, one word at a time. These are terms that we all read, hear and use whenever we talk politics: Congress, president, rights, diplomacy, constitution and more.

Democratic government depends on having a public that can understand and discuss the nation's affairs, and that depends on citizens understanding its basic political vocabulary. The Language of Liberty will help. Taken together, the entries provide an overview of our whole system of government, its logic and its practical workings. As I like to say, The Language of Liberty amounts to a user's guide to American politics.

My Books

The Language of Liberty: A Citizen's Vocabulary

American Georgics: Writings on Farming, Culture, and the Land


At a time when the vocabulary of politics and governance has never been more devalued and skewed for partisan purposes, The Language of Liberty offers an effective and indeed noble antidote. We need this book. 

David Lambertson,

U. S. Ambassador to Thailand (ret.)


Saturday, November 7 

The Peregrine Book Company of Prescott, AZ hosted me for a reading. A recording of it can be found on Youtube, or you can click here.


Monday, November 30 

The good folks at the Front Porch Republic have published an essay of mine, "Max Picard's Silence." To read, click here. But do look around their site as well.


Thursday, march 18

Ghost Ranch, here in northern New Mexico hosted me for a virtual book reading and discussion. When the Ranch has posted a link to the recording of that session, I'll post it here.

Monday, march 22, 9:00 AM (ET)

An interview with me will be featured on the NPR radio show "Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins," station WFAE, broadcast from Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information, click here.



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